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Frame Tools from Park Tools
Park Bottom Bracket Tapping Set BTS-1
  • The BTS-1 is a precision tool system which provides a piloted means of tapping the threads in the bottom bracket shell of a frame.
  • After tapping, the taps act as guides to keep the included facing cutter perfectly square with the axis of the bottom bracket for cleanup of the faces of the bottom bracket shell.
  • The BTS-1 includes English taps, 1.370" x 24 TPI right hand thread for the adjustable cup, and 1.370" x 24 TPI left hand thread for the fixed cup Italian thread taps in 36mm x 24 TPI right hand thread (Part 693, two are required) for the adjustable and fixed cups are available as accessories. Facer 690 is available as a replacement part.
Park Fork Threading Set FTS-1
  • The FTS-1 Fork Threading Set is designed for cutting new threads and for chasing existing threads on fork columns that are not chromed.
  • The FTS-1's expandable cutting dies are made from the highest quality high speed steel for precision cutting and long life.
  • The unique thread guide system used with the FTS-1 is specially designed to allow the metal chips and shavings that result during use to fall completely through the guide, preventing damage to the fork threads and the tool.
Park Frame and Fork End Alignment Gauge Set FFG-1
  • There are occasions, even on new bikes when the frame and fork drop-outs are not parallel, creating bent axles or skewers, poor tracking, and even problem shifting.
  • The Park Tool Frame and Fork Alignment Gauge Set was designed to align the drop-outs easily without elaborate fixtures.
  • They quickly show whether the drop-outs are parallel and produce plenty of leverage to straighten them.
  • These Park Tool gauges adjust to compensate for various hub widths. A caliper is provided for checking this dimension
Park Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge DAG-1
  • The Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge can help solve a multitude of derailleur shifting problems, most notably with index shifting systems.
  • This tool is extremely steady in operation and is simple to use. The tool threads directly into the derailleur hanger. The gauge bar holds a gauge which marks the distance to the wheel. The gauge then is rotated with the wheel to the 6, 9, and 12 o' clock positions, noting any differences in measurements. The alignment of the derailleur hanger is accomplished by applying pressure to the tool's arm. The results can be checked instantly.
  • The DAG-1 is made of heavy-gauge steel & is chrome plated for long shop life.
Park Frame Alignment Gauge FAG-2
  • Many bicycles will not shift or track properly because the front and rear wheels are not in line with the frame. If these conditions still exist after wheel and derailleur adjustments, the seat stays, chain stays, and rear drop-outs of the frame may be misaligned. For years the accepted method to check the alignment of the rear drop-out was to run a string on either side. This method does work to some extent. However, it is not accurate because the measurement is not taken at the drop-out. With the Park Tool Frame Alignment Gauge the alignment can be checked quickly and accurately at the drop-out. Retractable pointer to fit all sizes and types of bicycles.
  • The DAG-1 is made of heavy-gauge steel & is chrome plated for long shop life.
Park FFS-1 Frame & Fork Straightener
  • The Park Tool Frame and Fork Straightener is a versatile and productive tool. The open hook design enables it to straighten not only frames and forks, but also cranks and handlebars. Vinyl coating on the hook and on the fulcrum pad protects painted surfaces.
  • The hook has over 8" of adjustment. Reinforced to prevent flexing. Note: Many bicycles cannot be properly repaired or adjusted because their frames and forks are no longer true. With the high cost of new bicycles and replacement frames and forks, straightening can be a viable, cost-effective alternative.
  • Many damaged bicycles can be safely straightened and repaired when the proper tools are used by skilled mechanics. When these tools are used to straighten and assure the alignment of a frame or fork, the repaired bicycle will be safer to ride.

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