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Park CT-3 Screw Type Chain Tool

  • Because of the tremendous force needed to remove chain rivets, our Screw Type Chain Tool is now made from investment cast tool steel.
  • Along with superior strength and durability, the CT-3 features a handy "loosening shelf" to remedy stiff links after reassembly.
  • The fine thread and comfortable size enable easy removal of even the toughest chain rivets.
  • Like all Park Tool Chain Tools, it's easy to use and built to last, and has a replaceable driving pin.
  • Works great on derailleur chain, even 9 and 10-speed chains.

Park Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool CT-5

  • This small chain tool goes anywhere and actually performs like a shop quality tool.
  • The fine thread, special "V" - shaped handle, and super strong replaceable pin make chain removal and installation a breeze.
  • The CT-5 works on any derailleur chain (including Hyperglide®) and has a "shelf" for loosening tight links.
  • At only 77 grams, it's the perfect take-along chain tool. Works great on 9 and 10-speed chains as well.

Axiom Chain Tool

  • Compact design fits in seat bags or bladder packs.
  • Compatible with most chains, including 9 speeds.
  • Chain tool body is designed to fit chains well and eliminate stiff links.
  • The pressure screw made of hardened steel.
  • Lightweight and compact design ideal for roadside repairs .

Park Chain Checker CC-2

  • To alleviate poor shifting and uneven train wear, most manufacturers recommend chain replacement at or before 1-percent stretch.
  • Now you can quickly and accurately determine the wear and stretch of any chain with the Park Tool Chain Checker.
  • Simply insert the Chain Checker's pins into two links, press the swing arm gauge tight, and then check the gauge window for an accurate reading. Reads wear from 0.25% to 1%.

Park Chain Checker CC-3

  • A worn chain shifts poorly and wears sprockets at an accelerated rate.
  • The CC-3 is a "Go, No-Go" gauge designed to accurately indicate when a chain reaches 0.75% and 1% wear, the point at which most chain manufacturers suggest replacement.
  • If the 0.75% side fits into the chain, the chain is worn to 3/4 of 1%. The chain should be replaced soon.
  • If the 1% side fits into the chain, the chain is worn out and should be replaced.
  • Made from precision, laser cut steel. Fits all chain of 1/2-inch pitch, including 10-speed chains.

Park CM-5 Cyclone® Chain Scrubber

  • The CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber uses an extra large solvent reservoir and a series of rotating brushes to get chains really clean.
  • A magnet at the bottom of the Cyclone’s solvent reservoir draws particles scrubbed from the chain, effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning.
  • Durable sponge material draws solvent from the chain as it exits the Cyclone, reducing drips and mess. To make it easy to control and use, we’ve even added a handle. Works with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models.

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