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Park CN-10 Professional Cable & Housing Cutter

  • The new CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter is a shop quality cutter designed specifically for use on all bicycle cables and housing, including hard-to-cut index housing.
  • The CN-10 has cold forged, heat-treated steel handles for strength and precision ground cutting jaws for a clean cut on every cable. Dual density molded grips are specially contoured for superior comfort and control.
  • The CN-10 has a built in crimper for cable end caps and a forming hole for reforming housing ends and housing ferrules. A wire latch holds the handles together when not in use. The CN-10 now features an internal spring, which makes crimping easier and faster.

Park BT-2 Cable Stretcher

  • Commonly referred to as a "4th Hand", the Park Tool Cable Stretcher pulls both gear and brake cables tight .
  • It features one-hand operation with a thumb lock to hold the cable tight while your hand is removed to tighten pull-up bolts and nuts.
  • Made from heat treated tool steel, chrome plated, and featuring cushion grips for comfort.
  • A must for any shop, home or professional.

Cable Stretcher

  • Pull the brake cable and set the brake to desired adjustment with 3rd hand.
  • Then just tighten the cable anchor bolt.
  • A must for any shop, home or professional.

Park BT-3 Brake Toe-In Tool

  • The Brake Toe-In-Tool is used for aligning caliper brake pads in relation to the rim.
  • Brake pads that are perfectly parallel to the rim will "squeal."
  • Park Tool's BT-3 allows pads to be easily "toed-inward."
  • Simply place tool on flats of caliper arms and gently twist.
  • Hardened, chrome plated chrome-moly with a vinyl coated handle for good grip.

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