BzzzKill Harmonic Dampers
  • Utilizes Mathews' harmonic damper technology to cancel high frequency vibrations
  • Easily installs on most road handlebars
  • Begin tape on outside of bar and finish near the stem clamp Plugs fit directly into the end of the handlebar Do not tuck excess tape into handlebar end

BzzzKill harmonic dampers are a simple solution to one of cycling’s great challenges. Every manufacturer out there is trying to reduce rider fatigue without paying a weight penalty. On the road, one of the key contributors to fatigue is road vibration.

BzzzKills are a replacement for the standard bar end plug. BzzzKills utilize Mathew’s harmonic damper technology to cancel high frequency vibration. Mathews developed this technology for the bow hunting industry. Compound bows generate vibration when shot that can fatigue the user and cause inaccurate shots. The frequency generated in the bow is similar to the frequency generated in a road handlebar when riding over the average paved road.

The dampers work by isolating a weight within an elastomer web. As vibration travels through the handlebar, the elastomer delays oscillation of the weight long enough to get out-of-phase movement. This effectively cancels vibration traveling to the rider’s hands.

To install, simply remove your current useless plastic plugs and insert your new best friends, your BzzzKill dampers. Make sure not to tuck excess tape into the handlebar end, you must start the tape on the outside of the bar.

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